M4com Gas Meter

Residential Diaphragm Gas Meter

Manas is thrilled to introduce our latest product offering, the M4COM diaphragm gas meter, which is manufactured at our facility in Ankara, Turkiye. 

The M4com is a compact residential gas meter designed to measure accurate volumes of natural gas, LPG, and all non-corrosive gases.

Residential Diaphragm Gas Meter

No Battery Communication

m4com Residential Diaphragm Gas Meter Compatible With Hydrogen Gas

Compatible With Hydrogen Gas


Diaphragm GAS Meter Generation

NB-IoT Gas meter

NB-IoT Ready

If you’re looking for a durable Residential Diaphragm Gas Meter, you’re in the right place

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ACD G10-G16, G25-G40, G65-G100 The FR1 G6 & ACD G10-G16 family., G25-G100 meters range combines accuracy of measurement and long life in the field. Available in sizes up to 160m³/h with pressure ratings up to 1 bar, they significantly reduce the cost of gas that would be lost through other meters by offering turndown that exceeds the most exacting standards. They have a 20-year maintenance-free lifespan and are approved for fiscal use. The latest development to this range is the compact sized FR1 G6 & ACD G10-G16 family.

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